Samsung c410w Driver Download

by Samsung Supports on May 17, 2019

Samsung c410w Driver Download

Samsung c410w Driver Download

Reviews– Samsung’s Xpress C410W ($230), a minimized unit that is intended for the workplace environment, yet it wouldn’t be strange as a family printer either. The C410W, alongside a MFP variation, is one of the main shading laser printers to bolster close handle correspondence, or NFC. With this, you can send a print work from a perfect cell phone or tablet just by tapping a gadget against the printer. Sadly, in spite of being a decent single-capacity printer, we hold back before prescribing it for all clients basically in light of the fact that its provisions are exceptionally costly to supplant. Yet, in the event that you end up requiring a shading laser printer and you don’t print bunches of duplicates again and again – in addition to you have use for the NFC highlight – investigate.

Components and plan

Hear “laser printer” and, for a hefty portion of us, dreams of huge desktop-eating gadgets still ring a bell. Part of the Samsung Printer Xpress arrangement, the single-capacity C410W is a minimized and alluring printer with a dark and-dark outside that, at 15 x 12.2 x 8.3 inches and weighing under 22 pounds, has a sufficiently little impression to exist together calmly beside your PC or scratch pad on a similar work area.

Samsung C410W Printer best plate edge

The C410W has not very many controls. On the correct hand side of the top board are the power catch, a status pointer, and Eco and WPS catches. The Eco catch diminishes the measure of toner used to print. In our testing. Eco mode can likewise be chosen in the print driver. The WPS catch takes into account simple Wi-Fi setup with WPS-good switches, and empowers Wi-Fi Direct, which is important to set up a competent gadget for NFC.

The C410W is one of the world’s first shading laser printers (as per Samsung) to have NFC capacity. What’s NFC, you inquire? On the off chance that you’ve seen the TV plugs for Samsung’s Galaxy telephones, where two individuals trade a photograph by basically tapping the two telephones together, then you’ve seen an exhibition of NFC. On the off chance that you tap a NFC gadget – like said Galaxy telephone, for instance – to a name on the lower left of the top board of the printer, you can send print employments specifically from telephone to printer. (The association is actually over an immediate Wi-Fi association. NFC handles the underlying contact/matching, which then hands off the association with Wi-Fi. Yet, a one-time setup is required for each new gadget that discussions to the printer.)

Notwithstanding NFC and Wi-Fi, the C410 has the standard USB 2.0 port and an Ethernet port for wired associations. The printer likewise underpins printing with Google Cloud Print from remote areas.

Toner is stacked by means of a draw down board on the front of the unit, which uncovered the four shading toner cartridges and a waste toner compartment. On the off chance that you purchase this printer, know this: Toner for the C410w is costly. The dark cartridge, which has a 2,000 yield, costs $64, while the hues have a 1,000-page yield and cost $55 each. Supplanting every one of the four cartridges will cost more than the underlying price tag of the printer, and that is not including supplanting the Imaging Unit (which contains the photoconductor drum). This part has a 16,000-page future when printing dark, and 4,000 when printing shading. At $98, this ups the cost-per-page risk impressively. Supplanting the Waste Toner Bottle, at 7,000 dark pages or 1,700 shading pages, is the minimum costly upkeep cost, as it is under $15. In the event that you print a great deal and frequently, as in an office circumstance, realize that this printer will be exorbitant to keep up (which you can most likely discount as a cost of doing business).

Samsung c410w Driver Download

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Samsung c410w Driver Download for Linux

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